1-Cent Quick Facts
  • The Sheridan County Optional One-Cent Sales Tax was last renewed on November 2, 2010.
  • Your total current sales tax is 6%. If the 1-Cent is continued, your total sales tax will be 6%.
  • Every citizen of Sheridan County directly benefits from the 1-Cent tax.
  • A significant portion of the revenues from the 1-Cent tax are paid by out-of-county visitors and tourists.
  • The 1-Cent is collected in our county, for the benefit of our county.
  • 1-Cent revenues are used as matching funds to obtain state and federal funding dollars for use on community infrastructure and other improvements.
  • As state and federal funding is increasingly limited, the 1-Cent plays an increasingly critical role in providing essential facilities, equipment and services in our communities.

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