What is One-Cent Optional Sales Tax funding used for?2018-10-02T13:34:31+00:00

Many public projects and services across Sheridan County are paid for in part by One-Cent funding. All communities within Sheridan County participate in the Optional One-Cent Sales Tax, including Acme, Arvada, Big Horn, City of Sheridan, Clearmont, Dayton, Leiter, Parkman, Ranchester, Story, Ucross, Wolf and Wyarno.

Roads, infrastructure, public safety, parks and pathways, senior services, economic development and many other projects and services are funded in part by the Optional One-Cent.

Learn more about how One-Cent funding has been utilized throughout Sheridan County.

How has the One-Cent Optional Sales Tax been leveraged to secure other funding?2018-10-02T13:44:41+00:00

The One-Cent Optional Sales Tax revenues are used as matching funds to obtain grants, allowing Sheridan County and surrounding municipalities the opportunity to complete infrastructure projects and community improvements, pursue economic development, and support social services.

How much revenue is generated by the One-Cent Optional Sales Tax?2018-10-02T13:37:54+00:00

It is estimated that over the next four years the One-Cent tax will generate approximately $20 million ($5 million per year) for county, city and town improvements and public services and programs. Since its first passage in 1979, the One-Cent has generated more than $130 million for community infrastructure and services. View the One-Cent renewal history here.

Who pays the One-Cent Optional Sales Tax?2018-10-02T13:39:58+00:00

Optional One-Cent Sales Tax is collected only on items subject to sales and use tax.  It does not apply to most food purchases, rent, real estate purchases or gasoline.

According to the Wyoming Office of Tourism more than 12 percent of the Optional One-Cent tax is paid by out-of-county visitors and tourists.